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Meemaws House is a licensed childcare center in Columbus, OH. Who provides child care service for Infants, toddlers, preschool, Pre-K, and school aged children. We pride ourselves in providing excellent care for our families. Our goal is to aid your child in the learning experience by encouraging them to think creatively. We foster intellectual exploration and promote physical development.


Mee Maws House strive to maintain a safe and healthy setting that encourages social, emotional, intellectual, and mental development. We maintain educational programs based on children’s needs. We promote constant teamwork between parents and teachers.


At Mee Maws House we understand young children, their natural curiosity for knowledge, and various sensitive learning periods. Our classrooms are a prepared environment that invites children during these sensitive stages with appropriate materials and a professional teaching staff.




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Our Staff

Mee Maws House is staffed with trained and licensed teachers whose number one goal is to educated, service, and empower each student. Our staff come from all different backgrounds which allows them to bring their experiences into the classroom to provide a one of a kind and customized classroom experience. To ensure staff quality, we developed a customized hiring process to select unique, high quality, and caring teachers. Our staff prides themselves in helping make Mee Maws House your home away from home, and one that you’ll love always coming back to. 

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